Sailing Areas - Sailing-Cruises in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean Sea

We are sailing along the most beautiful coastlines and islands of the Mediterranean Sea during summer and the Caribbean Sea during the winter...

When planning our routings, we consider the seasonal winds and distances to be covered well, in order to ensure a true sailing experience. No less important for the perfect mix, however, are protected bays and harbors/harbours with plenty of sights and activities on land, especially for the chance that we encounter poor weather and wind conditions. This is when the advantages of our flexible schedule are most evident, for the Captain can always adjust the daily route to wind, weather, and also to the preferences of our guests.

KAIRÓS sails from May till November in the Mediterranean, from Greece over Sicily to the Street of Gibraltar and further to the Cape Verde Islands

CHRONOS will offer after the crossing from the Caribbean an exciting tour in the Street of Gibraltar with our marine biologist Jörn Selling about all the whales and dolfins, further it sails along the French coast to the Baleares and Sardinia, a beuatiful part of the Mediterranean!