Sailing-Yacht-Cruises on KAIRÓS and CHRONOS

Combine the best of two worlds - an authentic sailing experience on large sailing-yachts without the pressure of fixed routings, and the comfort and service of a cruise.

')} ')} ')} ')} ')} Kairos, Sailing Classics, Karibik, Antigua, Guadeloupe, Iles des Saints')} ')}

Kairos, Sailing Classics, Karibik, Antigua, Guadeloupe, Iles des Saints

Dream Vacation

Sailing-Yacht-Cruises on board of KAIRÓS and CHRONOS - enjoy the freedom of the sea, without having to stick to a certain route, just like you were sailing on your own private yacht.

Look forward to a relaxed sailing experience from island to island, anchoring in the most beautiful bays of the Mediterranian and the Carribean, and with lots of time to swim, snorkel, relax or take a trip to the shore. The respective route depends on wind and weather, and whenever possible on the interests of our guests.

You may stand at the helm (and help setting and trimming the sails. Or you 'just' relax on our large deck of teakwood and enjoy the sight of the waves, watch the shore passing by and let your spirits flow /simply dive into your favorite book.

A professional crew will, besides the sailing, provide you with an excellent cuisine and a caring service.

Max. 18 guests on KAIRÓS and 26 guests on CHRONOS share this special experience. It is your 'private yacht on time'.

Our services comprise the daily cabin service (during breakfast), a comprehensive breakfast buffet, a light lunch around noonday, coffee, tea and cake in the afternoon, as well as a 3-course dinner menu in the evenings. Upon arrival you will receive a welcome-drink. The Captain's Dinner is held on the last night.

In-between meals and after dinner, our crew will be happy to also serve your drinks on deck.

At nighttime, KAIRÓS and CHRONOS usually anchor in a bay - hence you mostly will have the chance to go for your first swim directly from board even before breakfast. Our dinghies will bring you to shore or take you snorkeling. Or if you prefer to do wakeboarding or water-skiing.....

You can book our Sailing-Yacht-Cruises as single, couple, in groups or as a full-charter.


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