Caribbean - Sailing Trip / Sailing / Sailing Yacht Trip / Sailing Cruise :
Martinique - Dominica - Îles des Saintes - Martinique

A 14-night sailing trip from/to Martinique - the first week north over the pristine Caribbean island of Dominica to the Îles des Saintes before Guadeloupe. The second week then leaves to/from Martinique to the south to St. Lucia. Relaxed sailing in the Passat winds with plenty of time for swimming, for excursions ashore and recreation. Both weeks can also be booked individually.

Besides mostly very good sailing conditions, this route also offers numerous possibilities to explore the diverse island world of the Caribbean. Discover locations of "Pirates of the Caribbean" on Dominica, marvel at the rainforest and the diversity of flora and fauna or an island tour on Guadeloupe with a bath in paradisiacal waterfalls or a visit to a traditional rum factory. Guadeloupe is also known for its unique underwater world, the Reservé Jacques Cousteau. The Iles de Saintes with their deserted islands - only two of the nine islands are inhabited - are truly a small paradise in the Caribbean. Perfect for exploring with a sailing ship.

The southern direction from Martinique is also charming. St. Lucia - a Caribbean dream - if the weather is fine, we anchor in a dreamlike bay with a view to the pitons, the basalt cones, which rise out of the water imposing and almost vertically. Besides its landmarks, the island also has a lot to offer: rainforest, waterfalls, volcanic beaches and sleepy fishing villages.

Trip Details:
Yacht: RHEA
from / to: 23.02.2019 - 09.03.2019
Duration: 14 nights
Start: Martinique
End: Martinique
Airport: Martinique / Martinique
Harbour/Bay: Le Marin / Le Marin
Price per person:  
Cabin Category D : € 4,200.–
Cabin Category L : € 4,000.–

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