Sailing trip Caribbean - Sailing on luxurious yachts

Sailing vacation and island hopping in the Caribbean

You can organize your sailing trip in the Caribbean on our exclusive, large yachts to suit your mood! Whether active sailing or relaxing on deck in the pleasant trade winds, a sailing vacation in the Caribbean on our luxurious ships during the winter is an incomparably beautiful experience. The climate is pleasant throughout, interrupted now and then by short tropical rain showers. The average temperature and water temperature is a pleasant 24 - 26 degrees C. and it is not really hot - except in the blazing sun....

Breathtakingly beautiful, happy, colourful, with unique nature – this is how the Caribbean presents itself as a fascinating sailing area: Pelicans and frigate birds, turtles, green, volcanically steep mountain slopes, waterfalls, endless fine pink shimmering beaches, reefs... But also huge super yachts, hip beach bars, luxurious villas and poor-slums. All of it has one thing in common: Your holiday with us is so much more than just the "postcard image" from advertising...

Especially in this area, our large classic mega-yachts unfold their full power and beauty with steady Passat winds of 5-6 wind speeds.
It's a memorable experience with over 10 knots of sailing under white sails in the midst of the 'Big Blue' sitting on the warm teak deck, watching frigate birds and flying fish and sometimes seeing humpback or sperm whales...

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