With the idea of sailing yacht trips, Sailing-Classics has opened up a new, unique vacation segment between yacht sailing and cruising and is thus a pioneer in what is expected to be a stable long-term market for individual sea trips on luxury yachts.

This is all the more true after Corona, because we came out of the crisis with "Wumms".

To exploit this potential at all, and also to become much more sustainable, we want to build the three-master AEOLUS - the world's first commercial 'zero emission' sailing yacht.

AEOLUS - the film "

For financing we are looking for private investors, on the one hand as entrepreneurial participation (limited partner) >500 T€ or on the other hand - this is completely new - as "preferred limited partners" with a fixed 3.5% distribution in case of profit + bonus as well as a buy-back offer after 5 years. Here, private investors can opt for tonnage tax in the Netherlands, which already covers income tax at a flat rate.

In addition, we are looking for lenders > 250 T€ with a term of 5 to 10 years and an interest rate of 4% p.a.. A ship mortgage registered jointly for all lenders serves as collateral. We also continue to offer our popular bond in the form of a bearer/partial bond of €25k or a multiple thereof and up to a maximum of €100k, now at an increased fixed interest rate of 2.5%.

All forms of participation and loans are also associated with travel benefits or discounts (20%) within the Sailing-Classics Club, and for the family of limited partners there is also the annual partner sailing.

Overview of the participation and loan forms "

Project website AEOLUS "

Further information about the Sailing-Classics Club "


Sailing Classics Club


Sailing-Classics club members

Our offer for special customers:

Members of the Sailing-Classics Club can become:

  • Persons who have supported Sailing-Classics in a sustainable way
  • Investors and lenders of Sailing-Classics
  • Frequent visitors of Sailing-Classics

Club members of the Sailing-Classics Club receive:

  • Increased re-booking discount of 20% off the catalog price of the current SC catalog. (Includes re-booking discount and cannot be combined with other discounts).
  • Exclusive weeks bookable only for associates and club members.
  • Preferred waiting list position for already fully booked cruises.
  • Extra info for club members
  • Club evening during the Boot Düsseldorf
  • and much more (all these benefits are subject to change)

Club benefits can only be transferred to spouses/life partners and their children, but not to other third parties.