Singles & solo travellers - berth charter

Even if you are travelling alone, you can book our sailing trips without any problems, because the relaxed atmosphere on board means that everyone will quickly find a connection.
Single travellers can either book a bunk/bed and then accept that a second person of the same sex may be booked. The variable Deluxe cabins from CHRONOS and RHEA are particularly suitable for this. Alternatively, you can book a cabin for guaranteed single use with a surcharge of 50% or 80% in the high season.

I'm a sailor and want to actively participate on board.

Help is always welcome, so you can - after instruction and under the supervision of the crew - help with steering, trimming, setting and stowing the sails and navigating.
Many of our guests are sailors and we had already some invigorated regatta or blue water sailors on board, who had their initial slight skepticism about the great sailing qualities of the RHEA, CHRONOS and KAIRÓS and at the end of the trip some already wanted to hire...

I am not a sailor

I have never been on a sailing ship? Is that a problem?

Not at all!

If you like to be by or on the water, enjoy sitting on the teak deck with your bare feet and letting the wind blow over your nose, even if you like the ever-changing play of light on the waves and look at the slowly passing coast, then our type of sailing experience is just right for you.

Once experienced, many people do it again and again. It can be addicting.

Just try it out, for example, during an introductory cruise or in one of the 'beginner areas', e.g. Sardinia/Corsica or Corfu & Ionian Islands.

Peer pressure?

CHRONOS and RHEA are about 20-times the size of a 44 ft (13 m) charter yacht sailed normally by 6-8 people. Therefore each guest has about the volume of space of such a yacht alone for themselves!

The large open teak deck offers plenty of space to retreat, read a book or just dream and watching the waves.

We normally sail 4-6 hours daily and then you have time to swim, snorkel, go to the beach or make a shore excursion. Everyone can do 'his own thing' on board – within a certain framework.
On the other hand, one is not alone on board and at least when dining together, a degree of group compatibility is required.

Experience has shown that the guests fit together in a very uncomplicated way, so that they often have a hard time separating from one another and making real friendships. Stress and problems stay on land.


Even mega sailing yachts tilt and sway, more than a large cruise ship, but on the other hand, much less than usual charter yachts.

But, for most people, it only takes a few hours for the inner ear to get used to the ship's movement. Only in about 0.5% of people, this acclimation takes several days and, only in these cases are called seasickness.

In addition, a sailing ship is supported, on the one hand, by the sails and, the other, by the ballast keel, so that the type of movements are much more pleasant than a motorboat or ferry.

It is important to have normal diets which are not too heavy or contain histamine, have a lot of vitamin C and, above all, spend the first hours on deck and look at the – stable – horizon.

Our crew are happy to advise you. For all cases we recommend to take light medication for motion sickness.

If you are worried about getting seasick, why not book a try-out or choose a "introductory spot" in the Mediterranean like Sardinia-Corsica or Croatia/Corfu?

Additional costs & payment on board

Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks, motorized water sports and shore excursions organized by us are chargeable. However, we try to offer this at moderate prices and are well below the prices of other cruises.
An average of 10% of the travel price as on-board consumption may serve as a guide, even if the individual consumer behaviour is very different and also varies with the scope/cost of excursions depending on the area.
The on-board currency is the Euro. We will open an on-board account for you on the day of your arrival, from which you can pay all personal expenses. The day before departure, we allow ourselves to bring a preliminary bill to your cabin for inspection. We ask you to pay cash. Payment by credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD; AMERICAN EXPRESS) is possible, however.

Tipping is a voluntary act, to which, of course, our crew looks forward. The day before your departure a "tip box” is available for tipping. The captain shares the amount with all the crew members present. Please refrain from tipping individual crew members.

Your satisfaction – our success

Of course, your satisfaction is very important to us. Please report any complaints to the crew and the captain immediately. Only then will we have the chance to correct possible deficiencies while still on board during your stay.
In serious cases we ask you to send us an e-mail to the office:

In order to improve ourselves, we rely on your opinion and your feedback. Together with the provisional invoice we will provide a form in your cabin the day before your departure for guest feedback. You can put it in an envelope filled out, and give it to the captain. Alternatively, we will send you the same questionnaire again in digital version in an email following your trip.
We thank you in advance for your feedback.