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CHRONOS Caribbean 26.01. - 09.02.2019 / 14 nights

Martinique - St. Lucia - St. Vincent & Grenadines - St. Lucia - Martinique

Sailing yacht cruise

RHEA Caribbean 04.02. - 18.02.2019 / 14 nights

Antigua - Barbuda - St. Barth - St. Kitts & Nevis - Montserrat - Guadeloupe - Antigua

Sailing yacht cruise / (1 week on request)

CHRONOS Caribbean 09.02. - 23.02.2019 / 14 nights

Martinique - St. Lucia - St. Vincent - Grenadines - St. Lucia - Martinique

Sailing yacht cruise

CHRONOS Caribbean 23.02. - 09.03.2019 / 14 nights

Martinique - Dominica - Îles des Saintes - Martinique

Sailing yacht cruise / Caribbean Carnival / (1 week on request)

RHEA Caribbean 04.03. - 11.03.2019 / 7 nights

Antigua - Barbuda - St. Kitts & Nevis - Montserrat - Antigua

Sailing yacht cruise

CHRONOS Caribbean 09.03. - 23.03.2019 / 14 nights

Martinique - St. Lucia - St. Vincent & Grenadines - St. Lucia - Martinique

Sailing yacht cruise

RHEA Caribbean 11.03. - 25.03.2019 / 14 nights

Antigua - Barbuda - St. Barth - Saba - St. Kitts & Nevis - Monserrat - Îles des Saintes - Guadeloupe - Antigua

Sailing yacht cruise / Sailing & Volcanoes / Travel guides

CHRONOS Caribbean 23.03. - 06.04.2019 / 13 nights

Martinique - St. Lucia - St. Vincent - Grenadines - St. Lucia - Martinique

Sailing yacht cruise

RHEA Caribbean 01.04. - 15.04.2019 / 14 nights

Antigua - Guadeloupe - Îles des Saintes - Barbuda - St. Kitts & Nevis - Antigua

Sailing yacht cruise

CHRONOS Caribbean 06.04. - 15.04.2019 / 9 nights

Martinique - Dominica - Îles des Saintes - Guadeloupe - Antigua

One-way cruise

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CMT Stuttgart

Thu. 17/01/– Sun. 20/01/2019
"Kreuzfahrt- & Schiffs-Reisen"
Hall 10, booth 10C31

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Boot Düsseldorf

Sat. 19/01 – Sun. 27/01/2019
Hall 13, booth D 32
Stand party 26/01/2019, 5 p.m.

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Kultur Reisemesse Hamburg

Sat. 16/02 – Sun. 17/02/2019
Paddock 66, St. Georg, 1. floor


To the website » Munich

Wed. 20/02 – Sun. 24/02/2019
Hall A6, booth 431


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ITB Berlin Reisemesse

Wed. 06/03 – Sun. 10/03/2019
Hall 25, booth 159


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Messe-Logo: Austrian Boat Show - Boot Tulln

Austrian Boatshow
Boot Tulln

Wed. 06/03 – Sun. 10/03/2019
Hall 4, booth 429


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Our guestbook

Of course we hope that you will one day immortalize yourself in our guestbook. And of course we also hope that you too are so enthusiastic and excited about your dream trip, as our other guests.

Eine super Kombination aus Segeln und Wandern


Übrigens noch unsere Gratulation zur Reise. Es war eine super Kombination aus Segeln und Wandern. Schade, dass es das derzeit nur auf den Kapverden gibt. Gratulation auch zu Ihrem Kapitän, der auch schon bei geringer Windstärke die Segel gehisst und den Motor abgestellt hat. Wir hatten traumhafte Tage mit einer traumhaften Crew und einer super Reiseleitung.

Klaus und Karin auf der CHRONOS in den Kapverden im November 2018

Jeder auf seinem Platz: Top!


Wir hatten die Freude vom 06.10. - 13.10. die Überführung der Kairós zu begleiten. Sie haben ein grandioses Team zu einem grandiosen Schiff, die uns ein unvergleichliches Segelerlebnis beschert haben. Angefangen bei Kapitän Nico, der trotz starker Grippe nicht nur ein guter Kapitän, sondern auch ein echtes „Kapitänsunikat“ ist, mit einem guten Händchen für sein Team, sein Schiff und seine Gäste. Chapeau für die Wahl! Bis hin zu Elena, die wahrhaft gut mit Lebensmitteln umgehen kann (wer gern isst, weiß das zu schätzen), und dem technisch versierten John und allen anderen an Bord.

H.C. und A. nach der Überführung Venedig – Malta auf der KAIRÓS, Oktober 2018

Jeder auf seinem Platz: Top! Es hat Spaß gemacht. Für das gute Wetter können Sie nichts, es war dem Rahmen und unserer Begeisterung jedoch zuträglich. Obgleich wir seit 30 Jahren selbst mit eigenem Klassiker viel segeln, werden wir sicherlich und entgegen unserer eigenen Erwartung wieder einmal bei Ihnen Gast sein wollen und freuen uns jetzt schon auf eine Wiederholung dieses einmaligen Erlebnisses.

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Wir sind wieder zu Hause – leider.


Das Bett und der Schreibtisch gerade schwankt immer noch – es waren unvergessliche Tage. Wir möchten uns nochmals bedanken bei Ihnen und dem gesamten Team der KAIRÓS – bei Nico, John, Mathias, Aafke, Deborah, Sky und der Zauberin der Küche – Elena. Wir haben nicht erwartet bei einem Überführungstörn so verwöhnt zu werden – die gefühlten 3 Kilos nehme ich gerne im „Seesack“ mit nach Hause. Wir kommen wieder, das versprechen wir.

Martin und Susanne nach ihrem Überführungstörn Venedig – Malta auf der KAIRÓS im Oktober 2018

For 20 years I dreamed of this trip ...


A friendly ahoy to you,
Actually, I wanted to write you a real letter, but the everyday life has me now firmly in its grasp, and so unfortunately, a lot remains on the tracks of what you have planned. But under no circumstances do I want to forget one thing, to say thank you to the entire CHRONOS team and crew. 

André after the Atlantic crossing Bahamas - Gibraltar on the CHRONOS in May/June 2018

There were wonderful days on board, which were priceless, it was an experience I would like to miss under any circumstances. When our microcosm shoved off on 26/05/2018 in Nassau at the John-Alfred Kai, broke the lines and the CHRONOS pushed out of the harbour, we were forged together for good luck and a certain excitement built up. Everyone was curious how it developed. But after a short time it was clear, it will be a great experience and it played out as a great community. Richard directed the yacht through the waves with an "ass calm" and inspired everyone for the sextant, Benjamin conjured up a meal for us all in his galley (no matter what the weather). Piotr just fixed everything from the tumble dryer to the hook, Marie-Jeanne washed our T-shirts. These names are representative of all, I would have to name each, but then the mail will be infinitely long. Everything seemed effortless, though it was not easy. We soon felt we were not just guests, we belonged to the crew. 
Yes, of course there was sometimes the feeling of standing in the way or it was just different than expected. But that's life and even a cloud makes the blue sky really beautiful.

The limousine to Malaga, you could not have cared if the taxi drivers ripped us off, no, you got us a dream car and had us safely transported to Malaga. 

For 20 years I have dreamed of this trip, since a trip from Sassnitz on Rügen to Bornholm, as a friend of the Atlantic swell raved on about it to me. And then this experience!
I hope to be back on board with you soon, I have planned a trip from Europe to the Caribbean so in 2020, because I do not have 20 years left to dream. 

So again, thank you very much for the opportunity to experience this.

Heart-felt greetings from Frankfurt to all, including the team on the high seas in the Mediterranean :-)


PS: Petri wants to pass along to Piotr and Jan, she will catch another "Tuna".

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10 very beautiful days


Went from Mallorca via Menorca, Corsica to Sardinia on board the CHRONOS. It was a fantastic trip. Very nice route choice, great and very friendly staff, excellent and varied food, great experiences. Would like to book again right away.

Klaus and Christiane after 10 days on the CHRONOS, including 2 days at sea, in July 2018

A significant part of my life


I’m excited to be on board again! Sailing-Classics is becoming a significant part of my life!

Joel from the US starting his 5th cruise aboard

We’ll stay true to you


We totally enjoyed the cruise from Corfu to the Ionian Islands. Everything was just right, the crew was warm, harmonious and accommodating, and the good mood immediately spread to us guests. Last but not least, Elena has contributed with her excellent cooking skills to a thoroughly successful holiday experience. We had promised to send the attached picture to you. Maybe you want to put it on the homepage as a sign of good food on board? We’ll stay true to you and will book again.

Petra and Manfred after their KAIRÓS trip in May 2018

Sailing-Classics Blues


When I was just a baby,
My mama said to me,
‘Son always be a good boy,
Don’t ever leave the sea…

Written on the RHEA in June 2018 on the way from Cadiz to Gibraltar

I hear that boat a-coming
It’s rollin’ round the bay
I ain’t seen the sunshine,
since I don’t know when.
I’m stuck in Sailing-Classics,
‘n’ time keeps draggin’ on.
This ship just keeps o rollin,
till the voyage is done.

When I was just a baby,
My mama said to me,
‘Son always be a good boy,
Don’t ever leave the sea,
‘n’ I found a boat in Spain:
‘Tres Hombres’ was her name.
‘n’ now we keep on sailin’
on the Spanish Main.

We are happy people,
sailin’ on this boat,
drinkin’ beer ‘n’ coffee,
Michelin food to go.
We enjoy the service,
Just to see them work,
But now it’s time for leavin’
And all the best for you.

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Not luxurious, but exclusive. I like that.


The trip was really a sensation. I was so sad when we left the ship. The atmosphere was very special - really a great experience. The crew was very service-oriented and yet casual - a perfect mix for me. Not luxurious, but exclusive. I like that. Service without conventions - great! The trip itself was a social project, we knew that - will we get along with the people on board? The experiment has succeeded, I would even say that friendships have emerged.

Esther and Michael in May 2018 after 1,000 nautical miles on the CHRONOS from Antigua to the Bahamas

I’ll be back!!!


It was a wonderful trip and thanks again to the entire Sailing-Classics crew. The team was again very adorable, sporty and, at the same time, worried about our well-being. Especially nice for me was to meet Nicki again. In one (3) Word: I´ll be back!!!

Manuel in April 2018 after the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta on the RHEA

I made new friends


I highly recommend anyone considering a sailing trip to consider Sailing-Classics. My experience was very good from every aspect. The cabin was very clean, comfortable and with good air conditioning. The captain and crew were professional, personable and accommodating. The guests were easy going.... I made a few friends that I hope to meet again. The chef worked very hard to prepare food that was beautifully prepared and delicious. I plan to take another sailing trip with Sailing-Classics in the Mediterranean next year.

Daniel from the US in April 2018 aboard of CHRONOS for the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta

Definitely not our last adventure with Sailing-Classics...


Everyday life has got us in its grip once again, so that I am only now able to write a few lines. And that’s very important to me! We were sailing with Sailing-Classics for the first time, from the 12th to the 26th of February 2018 on the RHEA in the Caribbean, Lesser Antilles. We had a wonderful holiday on a beautiful ship with a great crew...

Of course, we also had a very good time with the other guests, a mixed troupe of 21 at an estimated mid 70 years old, it was absolutely harmonious. The RHEA is an impressive, comfortable ship and glided, even in the storm, high on the wind, seemingly unimpressed by the waves. All in all, we had a great trip. We did not expect to be able to actually sail that much.

"Unusually a lot of wind at this time," was said everywhere. Well, one day of lulls would not have been bad either. Your concept of the sailing trip has risen in our eyes! We are sailors ourselves and are relaxed after this trip. We were doing very well without any independent trip planning, navigation, check-in, check-out, shopping, cooking, cleaning ... and that's why it will not be our last adventure with Sailing-Classics.

Anke and Christoph in February 2018 on the RHEA, from/to Antigua

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A landlubber on a sailing trip...


We sailed around Greece last year with the KAIRÓS. In my family, my husband is the great lover of ships, I'm more of a landlubber and had some concerns about sailing on a sailing ship across the sea. But one should leave no stone unturned, and so we went with our two children in August for a week on board the KAIRÓS.

After the first quiet night in the port of Corfu, we started the next day out on a longer sea route, as the wind was good and Captain Kevin wanted to take advantage of it. With seven wind force and up to five meters high waves, it was a very stormy crossing. It was very quickly struck with seasickness, gradually setting off the other passengers.

Towards evening we finally reached the harbour. The team was very caring and always inquired about our condition, the great food finally helped me to get back on my feet. Nothing could shock me after this hard day at sea. On the contrary, I started to have more and more fun. The destinations on land were well selected and the choice bays left nothing to be desired. The food was very good and our kids rejoiced every day over the freshly baked cake.

I have not recovered as well on a vacation in a long time as this week on the sailing ship. Much to the delight of my husband, who had expected my future boycott of a sailing trip after the first hard day at sea. Quite the opposite, I would like to take such a trip again. As long as there are enough pills for seasickness! 

Claudia and Axel in August 2017 on the KAIRÓS, Corfu/Ionian Islands

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Message-in-a-bottle from the CHRONOS


I have spent 2 wonderful trips on the CHRONOS. Both times I threw a message in the bottle overboard. Honestly, I never believed I’d get an answer. But look...

... a few weeks after the trip, a postcard from Portisco, a port city in Sardinia, fluttered into my mailbox. And that also from a German crew of a charter yacht! Well, it's worth writing a message in a bottle.

Friedrich (11), August 2017 before Sardinia

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A long way away from every-day life...


We have learned to appreciate the informality, the freedom (that's how we felt it); far away from everyday life, and just switch off - barefoot, short pants, T-shirt - the services offered by Sailing-Classics, need I say more? Maybe we’ll do it again in 2018?
Until, hopefully, very soon.

Angelika and Matthias, November 2017

Enthusiasm of sailing holidays
Sailing-Classics in the press

Sailing-Classics in the press

What do yacht and travel journalists write about our trips?

Hübsch aufgetakelt


ADAC Reisemagazin ‚Kreuzfahrten‘, Dietmar Denger

Die KAIRÓS ist der ideale Begleiter für ein stilvolles Inselhopping im Ionischen Meer, findet das gerade erschienene Sonderheft ‚Kreuzfahrten‘.

» Presseartikel lesen / herunterladen (PDF, 1,4 MB)

Montserrat - Pompeii of the Caribbean


Südtiroler Wirtschaftszeitung, Marina Giuri Pernthaler

Around the former Caribbean retreat of the rock stars, it had become quiet after the eruption of Soufrière. Now the green island comes to life again.

» Download/Read the article (PDF, 1 MB)

Cyclades: In the best company


Yachtrevue [Yacht Revue], Judith Duller-Mayrhofer

Exceptional sailing enjoyment and individual experience on the RHEA maiden voyage in the Cyclades from/to Mykonos.

» Download/Read the article (PDF, 2.1 MB)

Speechlessly happy


Süddeutsche Zeitung, Martina Scherf

A family sailing trip in the Cyclades - with two 15-year-olds without WLAN on a yacht. Can that work out?

Read the complete article in the Süddeutschen online »

Magical times: Cabin charter on a classic 54 meter schooner


boote Exclusiv, Carolin Thiersch
"CHRONOS can also play in the field of super yachts," finds Boote Exklusiv in its November/December issue 2015. A beautiful article about a Caribbean Sailing-Yacht-Cruise in the British Virgin Islands (BVI).

» Download the article (PDF, 5.9 MB)

Sailing trip from Sardinia to Mallorca: In harmony with the times


Sabine Umla-Latz
Yacht sailing on the 54-metre long two-master CHRONOS: Here you can enjoy sailing and at the same time be pampered like you’re in a hotel. And anyone who would like to experience how a 370-kilometre crossing over the sea feels is in safe hands with the professional crew.

» Download the article (PDF, 5.6 MB)

Yacht, 4/2015, Artikel von Jochen Rieker

Cruises for sailors


YACHT, Jochen Rieker
On a Caribbean cruise with the 54-meter Staysail Ketch "CHRONOS" - Jochen Rieker of the YACHT seems to have enjoyed the CHRONOS trip from St. Lucia to Grenada ...

» Download the article (PDF, 4.3 MB)

Luxury Charter: Caribbean Cruise – free of all worries


Yachtrevue [Yacht Revue], Judith Duller-Mayrhofer
Sail to the most beautiful places of the Grenadines - aboard the exquisite two-master CHRONOS, which combines comfort with maximum self-determination.

» Download the article (PDF, 3.5 MB)

With 1,000 square meters of sail area through the Mediterranean


YACHTING Swissboat, Matt Müncheberg
with Matt Müncheberg from YACHTING Swissboat and the CHRONOS on the Voiles de St. Tropez!

» Download the article (PDF, 688 MB)