Sailing vacations in a new dimension

The classic sailing schooners from the 1920-1930 years are works of art of unsurpassed beauty and elegance. Sailing on these ships was and is reserved for a very elite circle of a super rich few.


According to these classic models, but also the modern building regulations (the Dutch Commercial Cruising Vessel or CCV regulations) Sailing-Classics and its initiator Andreas Steidle-Sailer, these ships have been built in cooperation with the Turkish shipyard Ark Yachts (building and construction) and according to the blueprint of yacht designer Klaus Röder (Carpe Diem Yacht Design) as well as the sail and rig design by Klaas Huizinga (KHMB Rig Design NL).



The result are three mega sailing yachts of high elegance with very good sailing characteristics and modern comfort with air-conditioned cabins (each with its own bathroom). In addition, our sailing vessels offer attentive service by our professional crew members.
With our concept this real and extraordinary sailing experience, is also tangible for 'normal/regular' people.