Portugal & Spanish Atlantic Coast

Lisbon – Algarve – Sagres – Lagoon of Faro – Rio Guadalquivir – Sanlucár de Barremeda; One-Way

In the footsteps of the 'explorers'

We follow in the footsteps of the Portuguese sailors and explorers, many of whose voyages started from the coast of the Algarve in the 14th century. About 350 nm of Atlantic sailing, also with longer sailing stages, from Lisbon along the Portuguese west coast around Cabo de Sao Vicente, the most south-westerly point in Europe, via Sagres and Portimao along the rocky Algarve with its impressive stone formations into the sandy Algarve around Faro. The big lagoon with pretty places like the white town of Olhao and many, many storks. From Chipiona, you can take a detour on the Rio Guadalquivir along the dune landscapes of the National Park de Donana. The cruise ends in the Andalusian sherry town of Sanlucár de Barrameda, which is well worth a visit.

Sanlucár de Barrameda – Rio Guadalquivir - Cap Trafalgar – Marina Smir (Morocco) - Gibraltar; One-Way

On Lord 'Nelson's' tracks

The second part of our cruise along the Portuguese and Spanish Atlantic coast from Lisbon to Gibraltar. From Sanlucár de Barrameda and a detour into the lagoon landscape of the Rio Guadalquivir, we sail along the Andalusian west coast around the windswept Cabo de Trafalgar, where the English fleet under Lord Nelson fought off Napoleon in 1805, towards Tarifa, the southernmost town in Spain. This is where the Atlantic and the Mediterranean meet; the Strait of Gibraltar is only 14 km wide at its narrowest point. It is a busy waterway, but one in which a variety of marine mammals can be observed - dolphins, pilot whales and, depending on the season, fin whales, sperm whales and even orcas. Our cruise ends in Gibraltar, England, with its striking rock, which, with its counterpart on the African side, indicated the end of the world for ancient sailors.  

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Portugal & Spanish Atlantic Coast

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RHEA Atlantic 23.04. - 30.04.2022 / 7 nights

Horta - Lisbon


RHEA Atlantic 30.04. - 07.05.2022 / 7 nights

Lisbon - Algarve - Sagres - Lagoon of Faro - Guadalquivir - Sanlucár

Distance sailing cruise / Sailing & History / One-way

RHEA Atlantic 07.05. - 14.05.2022 / 7 nights

Sanlucár - Guadalquivir - Cap Trafalgar - Marina Smir (Morocco) - Gibraltar

Distance sailing cruise / Sailing & History / One-way