Lagoon cruises Venice

... passing with your 'yacht' through the Giudecca Canal directly in front of St. Mark's Square, the Doge's Palace and the Bridge of Sighs - a sight hardly anyone can get enough of...

But then the great lagoon of Venice is quite different from Venice itself. It is quiet, contemplative, you see many birds, fishermen's huts and even a whimsical 3-storey restaurant on stilts (Valle Zappa). Especially in winter and spring, the low, often somewhat diffuse light - with fog in the morning - often creates special moods. And if it is clear later in the day, the snow-covered Alps can be seen on the northern horizon...
With the KAIRÓS we now offer 3 or 4 night trips with 2 day trips each into the lagoon. Once through the Giudecca Canal and further into the lagoon to Chioggia at the southern end and once to Torcello and Burano in the north. Both of these day tours include lunch ashore.
One day is set aside for Venice itself and here we offer a special 'treat' of a meal in a private historic palazzo (minimum 10 guests). 
Starting point and berth at night is Marina Certosa, a fantastically quiet island, directly opposite the Arsenale (with vaporetto station from the airport and to Venice).

This tour is not a typical sailing trip and is also suitable for people who are absolutely not "seaworthy". Sails are only set outside the lagoon for a few hours in good conditions. 

Day 1: The southern lagoon to Chioggia
This tour takes us past St. Mark's Square through the Giudecca Canal to Mestre and then through the southern lagoon with the special fishing hut from Valle Zappa via the island of Santa Maria del Mare and Pellestrina to Chioggia. Observe birds, fishermen's huts and mussel banks and take a look at the gardens of the islanders, Italian life at close range. For lunch we stop at a typical restaurant in Chiogga or Pellestrina. In the evening a hot/cold snack is served aboard KAIRÓS.

Day 2: The northern lagoon with Torcello and Burano 
This tour leads into the northern lagoon to Torcello and Burano - away from the hustle and bustle. On Torcello you can enjoy the panoramic view from the Campanile of the church Santa Maria Assunta and the following meal in a local restaurant. In the evening a hot/cold snack on the KAIRÓS.

Day 3: Discover Venice for yourself
At least on one day there is time for a visit to Venice itself, so that you can explore the Serenissima on your own (day pass Vaporetto included). In the evening (4-night-trips) or at noon (3-night-trips) of this day we have prepared something very special for you: A meal in the Piano nobile, the good room in a private gothic palace directly at the Canal Grande. During the 3-night-trips the trip ends after lunch here (afterwards return journey or individual extension), during the 4-night-trips we return after dinner to the KAIRÓS in Certosa.

Both tours from € 850,00 p.p. (incl. overnight stays on board, breakfast and one main meal each - lunch or dinner - on board or ashore). KAIRÓS cabins are heated. We recommend warm clothing for the lagoon tours. The shorter tours are perfect as a trial cruise and with a few days in a hotel on land.

For those who want to stay a little longer on the KAIRÓS and sail more, there are 7 nights cruises from mid-March to mid-April from Venice to the northern Adriatic. They also start at the Isola della Certosa, it goes through the Guidecca canal past the Piazza San Marco via Mestre and the southern lagoon to the middle lagoon exit. After a longer sailing distance, the picturesque Piran (Slovenia) and the former Imperial and Royal port of Trieste follow. Passing the castle Miramare of Archduke Maximilian we sail (in calm weather) via Grado and along the Lido back to Venice. 

Please note that the planned routing can be adapted to the current weather conditions at short notice.

Current lagoon cruises

RHEA, CHRONOS and KAIRÓS are sailing ships.
The exact routing depends on the current wind and weather conditions.

KAIRÓS Mediterranean 25.03. - 29.03.2022 / 4 nights

Lagoon cruise (4 nights; weekend): Venice - Lagoon of Venice - Lido - Venice

Sailing yacht cruise

KAIRÓS Mediterranean 09.04. - 16.04.2022 / 7 nights

Venice - Lagoon of Venice - Piran - Trieste - Venice

Sailing yacht cruise