Italy: Sicily & Aeolian Islands (Lipari Islands)

We start our sailing cruises with relaxed sailing and plenty of time for swimming, for shore excursions and rest in the worth seeing ancient city of Syracuse. It is famous for the Greek and Roman theater, the archaeological park and the 'ear of Dionysius', the grotto from which the ancient tyrant overheard his captives. In the footsteps of Odysseus we sail north, past the mostly snow-covered Etna to Aci Trezza, the Cyclops coast.

An excursion South of the Etna through solidified lava flows, from which house roofs still protrude, and fertile vegetation testifies to the two sides of this largest volcano in Europe. The summit is often wrapped in clouds, but we should be able to circle around a small side crater. Via the famous Taormina we return to the ship.

The current is strong in the strait between Sicily and Calabria – one can imagine how Odysseus and his sailing companions might have experienced the sea monsters and swirls, Skylla and Charybdis. In front of us lies Lipari, the main island of the archipelago.

After yesterday's day at sea, the bustling town of Lipari is on the agenda with its interesting archaeological museum on the castle hill. On the neighbouring island Vulcano, according to Homer the home of Aeolus, the god of the winds, lures an approximately one-hour hike on the Gran Cratere. From the crater rim of the still active volcano there is an impressive view into the caldera and over the entire archipelago.

We continue sailing towards Stromboli, which the sailors called the 'Lighthouse of the Mediterranean' because of its eruptions. The dinner on board is located near the Sciara del Fuoco, a scree shed, over which the initially still glowing lava rocks fall directly into the sea.

We sail back to Sicily and let the coast and Etna pass us again.

Current sailing cruises
Italy: Sicily & Aeolian Islands

RHEA, CHRONOS and KAIRÓS are sailing ships.
The exact routing depends on the current wind and weather conditions.

CHRONOS Mediterranean 03.06. - 10.06.2023 / 7 nights

Sicily / Aeolian Islands - Salerno

Sailing yacht cruise / One-way

RHEA Mediterranean 10.06. - 22.06.2023 / 12 nights

Sicily: Syracus - Etna - Taomina - Str. of Messina - Aeolian Islands - Syracus

Sailing yacht cruise

RHEA Mediterranean 24.06. - 01.07.2023 / 7 nights

Syracus - Etna - Taomina - Apulia - Corfu

Distance sailing cruise / One-way

KAIRÓS Mediterranean 19.08. - 26.08.2023 / 7 nights

Cavtat - Bay of Kotor - Apulia / (Brindisi) / (Galipolli) - Syracus

Distance sailing cruise / One-way

KAIRÓS Mediterranean 26.08. - 05.09.2023 / 10 nights

Syracus - Ätna - Taormina - Str. of Messina - Aeolian Islands - Syracus

Sailing yacht cruise

KAIRÓS Mediterranean 06.09. - 16.09.2023 / 10 nights

Syracus - Ätna - Taormina - Str. of Messina - Aeolian Islands - Syracus

Sailing yacht cruise

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