Authentic, individual and relaxed –
Sail along on our yachts in classic style

We combine the best of both worlds – a true sailing experience on fast sailing yachts, without the pressure of a fixed pre-planned routing, with the comfort and service similar to a cruise.
Sail and relax as if on your own private super yacht for a time!

The journey is not the destination, but the experience of the sea. Most of the time, we usually sail for four to six hours a day, take a swim in a picturesque bay on the way or make a short trip ashore. In particularly nice wind, we can sail into the night. At night, we usually seek an anchorage place in quiet bays – you can swim before breakfast directly from the ship. Then a fresh coffee is waiting for you on deck...

After sailing, there is time for swimming or snorkelling, for water sports, for beach walks, excursions ashore or just relaxing. Dinner is usually on deck as the ship drifts around on the anchor.

A maximum of 28 'sailing friends' on RHEA, 26 on CHRONOS and 16 on KAIRÓS can share this personal and exclusive holiday experience.

More than sailing...

Private Charter & Groups

Whether family sailing, whether a circle of friends, training, teambuildings or corporate incentives, whether Rotary or sailing club – there is nothing better than being with good friends aboard a sailing ship. Nothing connects people as much as a shared experience on such a large sailing yacht.

With a private charter of the entire ship with crew an individual routing is possible in agreement with the captain – more or less sailing, more detailed excursions ashore or longer swimming stops...

Or you opt for some cabins as a group of friends and then try to find a consensus among your group during the free time. These can then be booked directly with us. You won’t have to worry yourself about the details.

From 6 full paying adults you get a discount of 5% and starting from 12 full paying adults we grant a group discount of 7%.

Please plan well in advance if you want to be sure, but often something spontaneous is also possible.


Sailing Trips for a Full Charter: Yachts, Calendar & Routes

CHRONOS Mediterranean 10.06. - 17.06.2023 / 7 nights

Salerno - Amalfi - Capri - Ischia - Procida - Sorrent - Salerno

Sailing yacht cruise

CHRONOS Mediterranean 15.07. - 22.07.2023 / 7 nights

Salerno - Amalfi - Capri - Ischia - Procida - Sorrent - Salerno

Sailing yacht cruise

CHRONOS Mediterranean 29.07. - 05.08.2023 / 7 nights

Salerno - Amalfi - Capri - Ischia - Procida - Sorrent - Salerno

Sailing yacht cruise

RHEA Mediterranean 26.08. - 02.09.2023 / 7 nights

Athens / Piraeus - Poros - Hydra - Peloponnes / Epidavros - Ägina - Porto Rafti

Sailing yacht cruise

RHEA Mediterranean 11.10. - 21.10.2023 / 10 nights

Porto Rafti - K. Sounion - Serifos - Naxos - Mykonos / Delos - Syros - Porto Rafti

Sailing yacht cruise


Distance Sailing Cruises

During these trips they sail more than with the regular sailing yacht cruises, often for one or more nights. However, the routes are chosen in such way that there is still time for swimming, excursions ashore and overnight stays in beautiful bays.

Such distance sailing cruises are aimed at those who like to sail a lot, but not just sailing – as in the crossings – day and night.

Current Distance Sailing Cruises

KAIRÓS Mediterranean 20.05. - 27.05.2023 / 7 nights

Malta - Corfu

Distance sailing cruise

RHEA Mediterranean 24.06. - 01.07.2023 / 7 nights

Syracus - Etna - Taomina - Apulia - Corfu

Distance sailing cruise / One-way

RHEA Mediterranean 22.07. - 29.07.2023 / 7 nights

Corfu - Zakynthos - Monemvasia - Peloponnes / Hydra - Athens / Piraeus

Distance sailing cruise / One-way

KAIRÓS Mediterranean 19.08. - 26.08.2023 / 7 nights

Cavtat - Bay of Kotor - Apulia / (Brindisi) / (Galipolli) - Syracus

Distance sailing cruise / One-way

CHRONOS Mediterranean 16.09. - 23.09.2023 / 7 nights

Sardinia - Corsica - Antibes

Distance sailing cruise / One-way

RHEA Mediterranean 21.10. - 28.10.2023 / 7 nights

Porto Rafti - K. Sounion - (Hydra) - Monemvasia - Valetta - Malta

Distance sailing cruise / One-way



This is primarily about bringing the sailing ship to a new sailing area. Stops are only possible as long as the often tight schedule allows.

Crossings are ideal for people who would like to keep sailing, mile after mile...

Current Crossings

CHRONOS Atlantic 06.04. - 27.04.2023 / 21 nights

Antigua - Gibraltar/La Linea

Crossing / Atlantic crossing

RHEA Atlantic 16.04. - 03.05.2023 / 17 nights

Antigua - Horta / Azores

Crossing / Atlantic crossing

CHRONOS Atlantic 28.04. - 04.05.2023 / 6 nights

Gibraltar/La Linea - Malta

Crossing / One-way

RHEA Atlantic 03.05. - 12.05.2023 / 9 nights

Horta / Azores - Gibraltar / La Linea


RHEA Mediterranean 12.05. - 20.05.2023 / 8 nights

Gibraltar / La Linea - Malta

Crossing / One-way

CHRONOS Mediterranean 08.10. - 12.10.2023 / 4 nights

CW_41-23 St. Tropez - Sainte Maxime - Mallorca

Crossing / One-way


Regatta sailing – sail along or actively participate:
Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez, Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta

Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez, 'the' meeting of the most beautiful classic yachts in the Mediterranean, and the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta, their counterpart in the Caribbean – two very special highlights for sailing enthusiasts. But also non-sailors will enjoy the regatta atmosphere and the contagious atmosphere ashore...

In Saint-Tropez, we will be sailing with CHRONOS as observation ship, as close as possible to the start and finish line, and then to the regatta field, so you can see the beautiful ships and their manoeuvres from the front row. If interested, there is much information about the ships and their stories.

In Antigua, RHEA and CHRONOS will both actively paticipate sailing when the most beautiful classic yachts compete in four races. Caribbean-style parties will then be celebrated ashore at the historic Nelson's Dockyard

Current theme cruises “Regatta sailing”

CHRONOS Caribbean 25.03. - 04.04.2023 / 10 nights

Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta / Regattateilnahme

Regatta / Regatta participation

RHEA Caribbean 29.03. - 04.04.2023 / 6 nights

Sailing yacht cruise off Antigua and participation in the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta

Regatta / Regatta participation

CHRONOS Mediterranean 30.09. - 08.10.2023 / 8 nights

St. Tropez / Sainte Maxime - Îles d'Hyères - Les Voiles de St. Tropez

Regatta / Regatta Watching


Introductory Cruises

Never been on a sailing ship before? But you've been flirting with the idea?

Our introductory cruises – usually 3 to 4 days – are the ideal opportunity to experience for yourself the holiday feeling on board of a sailing ship. And to get a taste of sailing...

Current Introductory Cruises

RHEA Mediterranean 28.10. - 01.11.2023 / 4 nights

Malta - Comino - Gozo - Malta

Introductory cruise


Sailing & Family

Especially for children and teenagers, sailing on such a big yacht is a special experience. But such trips are less suitable for toddlers < 5 years, especially if they cannot swim.

RHEA and CHRONOS have in each 8 cabins the possibility to install an extra mattress – for example for parents with one or even two small children. These extra beds can be booked for € 450 per child per week. Children and teenagers (up to 18) are always welcome in their own cabin and receive a 25% discount.

At Christmas, Pentecost, summer holiday and in the autumn holiday we offer special trips Sailing & Family for special prices for parents with children and teenagers, this is a route with plenty of water sports and swimming offered and possibly also a corresponding kitchen.

Current theme cruises “Sailing & Family”

KAIRÓS Mediterranean 24.06. - 01.07.2023 / 7 nights

Corfu - Ionian Islands / Paxos - Antipaxos - Lefkas - (Ithaka) - Corfu

Sailing yacht cruise / Sailing & Family

RHEA Mediterranean 29.07. - 05.08.2023 / 7 nights

Athens / Piraeus - Poros - Hydra - Peloponnes / Epidavros - Ägina - Athens / Piraeus

Sailing yacht cruise / Sailing & Family