Antigua – Barbuda – St. Barth – Saba – St. Kitts & Nevis – Montserrat – Guadeloupe – Antigua

From a lonely beach in Barbuda, the sophisticated St. Barth with the super yachts, the sugar cane fields on St. Kitts, the active volcano on Montserrat or Jacques Cousteau's Underwater Reserve off Guadeloupe, here you get the best impression of the diverse Caribbean. Each island has its own characteristics and the best way to get an impression of the diversity of the Caribbean is the relaxed sailing from bay to bay and island to island.

The island of Antigua was the Royal Navy's "stronghold" or main base in the Caribbean, and with the unique natural harbour of "English Harbour" and the Nelson Dockyard World Heritage Site, the diverse nature and 365 beaches is one of the Pearls of the Caribbean and the annual venue of the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta, one of the most beautiful sailing events in the world.

The lonely neighbour island Barbuda with the Low Bay, is a 14 km long, pink shimmering, lonely beach with a lot of turtles and with the unique Frigate bird reserve – where up to 20,000 of these birds nest – an absolute insider tip.

St. Barth, formerly Swedish and today French, is the celebrity island in the Caribbean and especially on New Year's Eve or the end of March to the Buquet Regatta you will find an impressive ensemble of the largest yachts in the world.

The steep volcanic island of Saba (Dutch), on the other hand, is very remote and looks very exotic with its partial blond population and the highest mountain of Holland in the middle of the Caribbean

Completely different is the totally coloured St. Kitts & Nevis, this former English island state is still today one of the main growing area for sugar cane and rum production.

Montserrat, whose former capital, Plymouth, was recently destroyed by a pyroclastic stream (volcanic eruption) and whose Soufriere is still very active today, shows the destructive side of nature.

Guadeloupe (French) with 'La route de la Traversée' through the highest mountains of the Lesser Antilles and with Jacques Cousteau's Underwater Reserve, the oldest protected marine area in the world, is again completely different and offers a different accent with its European colonial charm.

We offer weekly cruises around Antigua and Barbuda, or 2 week cruises over 7 island states, which uniquely show all the diversity and beauty of these 'Leeward Islands' and their people.

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