Our sailing cruises –
Experience the freedom of the sea

Sailing yacht cruises are our 'regular' sailing cruises – which are a unique blend of real sailing, about four to six hours daily, stops for swimming, water sports, time to go to the beach, explore towns, for jungle treks, local cuisine, a cave tour by dinghy, snorkelling, an island tour...

Pure sailing holidays. Much more than sailing…

Have you ever dreamed of sailing away?

Yearning for the Sea

Sailing cruises aboard the RHEA, CHRONOS or KAIRÓS are authentic, relaxed sailing holidays aboard stunning mega sailing yachts. This is sailing from bay to bay, where the wind carries us, without the rush of a rigidly planned routing. However, like a cruise, you will enjoy the service of our crew and generous comfort on your "private super yacht for a time".

Almost every one of us was on the beach once and followed the sailing yachts with eager eyes, only driven by the wind, from bay to bay and from island to island...

Should you wish to come on board yourself?
We offer authentic, individual sailing cruises on our classic-style built superyachts.

During our sailing trips, unlike regular cruises, we spontaneously turn on to wind and weather and do not follow a rigidly pre-planned route. Often we do not know at noon, in which bay we will anchor in the evening. So we sail in the fine wind under the magnificent, starry sky into the night.

If the wind is not favourable, we stay in a bay for swimming and snorkelling. At night we usually lie quietly at anchor. In the morning you can swim directly from the sailing ship.

If possible, we will dock once per sailing trip in picturesque little towns on the quay.

Our crew will also bring you ashore by dinghy.

The often spontaneously organized excursions ashore are possible several times a week as well as water sports around the boat (swimming, snorkelling, water skiing and so on).

The loving service of our crew, the comfortable, air-conditioned cabins with private bathroom and last but not least, the delicious food provide for a holiday, enjoyment and relaxation starting on the first day.

Whether you 'only' enjoy or actively steer the vessel and help trim the sails, whether you sail along as a couple or travel solo, as a group of friends or family – with us everyone can find their dream cruise.

Life On Board

The life on board of a sailing yacht follows its own rules. Amidst the expanse and the constantly changing scenery of the sea, along idyllic coastlines, which unfold their special magic from the water, a special sailing holiday awaits you. Far away from everyday life...

Yacht cruises in the
most beautiful sailing areas of the world

Depending on the season our sailing shipsRHEA, CHRONOS and KAIRÓSsail towards the sun.

The Mediterranean Sea lures with magical coasts, idyllic islands and dreamy bays.

In the Atlantic Ocean we visit, depending on the route planning, the Canary Islands, Cape Verde or the much cited Azores, which are known to us in northern Europe mainly by the weather forecast.

Last but not least, in winter outside of the hurricane season, we sail into 'the' dream sailing area par excellence – the Caribbean. Like a string of pearls, the Greater and Lesser Antilles line up through the Caribbean Sea – each a treasure in the midst of the great blue.

When choosing the routes, we pay attention to the seasonal wind conditions and the distances to be sailed, so that a real sailing experience is created. On the other hand, sheltered coves and harbours with appropriate sights and land opportunities are also important for our colourful mix – especially if the weather is bad or there is too much wind – the advantage of a flexible routing, where the captain can adapt to weather conditions , as well as the wishes of the guests can be taken into account.

From June to November our ships are sailing in the Mediterranean Sea.

KAIRÓS sails in the Adriatic Sea from Corfu through the Ionian Islands and also with a trip to Albania. Then she crosses in the Croatian islands and finally a sailing cruise that connects the 3 cities: Venice, Trieste & Rovinj.

After the Atlantic crossing in April/May, the RHEA offers two exciting theme trips "In the footsteps of the explorers" and "On Nelson's tracks" along the Portuguese andSpanishAtlantic coast with a river cruise on the Guadalquivir in the direction of Sevilla.
In summerRHEA crosses along Sicily & Aeolian Islands as well as the Amalfi Coast & Gulf of Naples.

CHRONOS sails in the Mediterranean the well-known – because beautiful – sailing cruises in Sardinia & Corsica from the Costa Smeralda through the La Maddalena archipelago to Bonifacio and – with favourable winds – for a change also to Elba.
From September on we will travel to the Côte d'Azur & Corsica and then followed by the regatta escort at "Voiles de Saint-Tropez".

Outside the hurricane season, in winter our yachts sail in the Caribbean, the Lesser Antilles from the British Virgin Islands in the north to Grenada & Grenadines in the south. In addition to the tropical nature and the dream beaches of these diverse islands – volcanic or formed from the coral reef – it is, above all, the Caribbean "vibes" with the indescribable feeling of life and the cheerfulness of the local people and the reggae that resounds over the beach... Passionate sailors appreciate the ever-wafting Passat wind – nowhere else in the world are there such stable wind conditions.

In November, together with "ZEIT-REISEN", the CHRONOS hosts a theme cruise with tour guide in the tropical Cape Verde in the Atlantic.

Eating & Drinking On Board

Our service on board normally starts at 7:30 a.m. with fresh coffee or tea. From about 9:00 a.m. there is a rich breakfast buffet with eggs, sausage and cheese, cereals and fruits.

At lunchtime there is usually a light 2-course lunch, depending on the weather outside or inside. Then, afternoon at 4 p.m. we serve coffee, tea and cake. In the evening is a 3-course menu and on the last evening, the Captain's Dinner is served.

'Delicious food' on board is very important to us.

Our drinking service: fresh coffee, tea and water (from the water dispenser) are always available during the day.

Besides soft drinks and beer (Heineken, San Miguel), we have a small selection of white, rosé and red wines from various regions. This starts with our ship's wines and goes to wines of well-known wineries like 'Franz Keller Baden' or 'Alois Lageder Südtirol'.

In addition to champagne, sparkling wine and Prosecco, we offer a small selection of spirits and cocktails in our bar on board. In the evening hours there is a daily changing Sundowner as a special offer.

Service & comfort on our yachts

Our service is not limited to the serving of drinks and meals – the entire crew makes every effort to make your stay on board as enjoyable as possible. It is a special togetherness on a sailing yacht.

In addition to the daily cabin service after breakfast, the dinghies are available for free transfers on land or to the beach whenever we are at anchor.

Whoever wants to go out at night sets a fixed return time with the dinghy.

The use of the deck shower and bathing and water sport equipment is almost always possible when the sailing ship is anchored.

Captain, or if necessary tour guide or other crew members will also be happy to give you suggestions for sightseeing, places of interest and your visit on land. Organized land excursions or trips ashore are accompanied by a crew member and the costs (for example for taxis) are then – with a small surcharge for our insurance – charged to your board account.

We try our best to make you feel like you're on your own private yacht.

More fun at sea!

It goes without saying that with us water sports is capitalized – with everything that belongs to your dream holiday. Whether you are looking for relaxation in a cosy deck chair or a sporty ride on the wake board - there's no such thing as boredom.

In addition to the pure sailing experience, unforgettable natural spectacles and land excursions, our ships offer a variety of water sports activities – from banana boat, dinghies and sailing dinghy for excursions ashore and dream beaches, wake board to snorkelling equipment. Via the admiralty ladder you can easily reach the azure-coloured water for swimming.

If you prefer to watch the spectacle, our superyachts offer a comfortable sitting capacity on deck and plenty of space for dreaming, reading or sunbathing on the large, spacious teak decks, which are equipped with deck mattresses, loungers and benches. Below deck, there is a LED TV/DVD and a small on-board library available.

Water sports & more:

  • 2 Dinghies 
  • Water ski
  • Wake board
  • Tuberiding (banana boat)
  • 2 SUP boards (stand up paddle)
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • Pool noodles
  • 2 Wave kayaks (CHRONOS/RHEA)
  • 1 Sail dinghy QubaRS (CHRONOS/RHEA)
  • 2 Admiralty ladders for swimming
  • Deck loungers and benches
  • Sitting capacity for all guests aboard
  • LED TV for presentations
  • Small on-board library