Sailing & Volcanoes

To see the effects of the unimaginable violence of a volcanic eruption or to experience even small outbreaks on Stromboli or Etna is with the most impressive thing we humans can experience.

Our sailing cruises in the Aegean Sea (Santorini), Sicily (Etna) and the Aeolian Islands (Stromboli) and also the Bay of Naples are in volcanically very active zones and there are many excursions and experiences can be made.
So there can be a dinner on Stromboli on board while 100 m next to the sailing ship at the Sciara del Fuego, glowing lava rocks roll into the sea and the water boils!

In the Caribbean, along the Lesser Antilles and especially in the northern part of the Lesser Antilles from Martinique to Antigua, there is a lot of volcanic activity which is very impressive in connection with the tropical vegetation and especially on the Montserrat, one can see for themselves the city of Plymouth, destroyed only a few years ago by a phyroclastic stream. A helicopter flight from Antigua is also possible.

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