Ecological sustainability aboard

It is our great desire to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. This is all the more true since the seas and oceans have no lobby. It is the responsibility of all of us who go to sea to contribute to the protection of the seas.

Although our ships RHEA, CHRONOS and KAIRÓS operate all year round for up to 50 weeks, they consume relatively little diesel. We cover about 70% of our distances under sails - each of our ships sails around the world about once a year...

Nevertheless, we also need a lot of electrical energy from diesel generators for ventilation and air conditioning, seawater desalination, cooling, cooking, washing and drying, lighting, navigation and control. This is almost 2/3 of our total consumption. All in all we need about 75 l diesel per guest per week. We almost exclusively use AGO (Automotive Grade Oil), i.e. low-sulphur automotive diesel instead of MGO (Marine Grade Oil), which already contains 100 times the sulphur of AGO (but still 5000 times less than the heavy fuel oil that is burned in most sea- and cruise ships).

For the near future we will bunker the completely pure synthetic diesel Shell GTL (it is composed by electrolysis on a molecular level) wherever we can get it. But even this is a fossil fuel produced in Dubai with the raw material natural gas, which burns very cleanly, similar to the completely new ships powered by liquefied gas.

And we are working on a project for the production of such synthetic diesel with photovoltaics on Malta and the construction of another "Zero Emission" ship. This is how - still only visions - we want to provide an entrepreneurial response to the Corona setback.

But sustainability is more than just fuel. It is a sum of many details, from the use of microplastic-free soap and shampoo, which we will be carrying on board from this year on, to the refillable steel water bottles, which have already replaced the small plastic bottles in our company for 2 years, to biodegradable detergents and waste separation and disposal.

All this requires the cooperation of every single crew member and guest.

Also the journey, mostly by plane, is a big factor. We recommend here at least CO2 compensation via a certified provider such as

We are planning to compensate the CO2 consumption on board completely via our sailing diesel project from the re-start to Corona this year, or, if we do not succeed, to pass it on to Atmosfair.

Welcome aboard CHRONOS, RHEA and KAIRÓS, the increasingly sustainable sailing trip concept of the future.

Your assistance is requested

Each of us can contribute to sustainable travel with our own behaviour. Therefore we ask you to come aboard:

  • Do not throw any waste overboard (...or in the toilets). Waste bins are located in your bathroom, under the counter at the back of the deck and in the saloon. The crew will be happy to help you.

  • Please use the ashtrays and do not throw cigarette butts overboard, as they are very harmful to the environment and marine life.

  • Help us to save plastic and refill your water bottles for free at the water dispenser in the salon.

  • Switch off the lights and the cooling function of the air conditioning system whenever you are not in your cabin.

  • Use water sparingly. It takes a lot of energy to generate it.

  • Use towels several times. Clothes pegs with your cabin name help you to find your towel on deck. If you want to replace the towel, please place it on the floor in your bathroom.

We thank you very much for your support.

Your Sailing-Classics team