Atlantic sailing trips - your luxury sailing vacation

Safe Atlantic cruises with a professional crew

Is a sailing trip on the Atlantic the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for you? On the large, seaworthy and safe yachts from SAILING-CLASSICS, you will enjoy your sailing trip in the safest possible way, accompanied by a professional crew. Yes, it is the infinite vastness of the great ocean that you will learn to understand on such a journey and with which you will - hopefully - find yourself, make friends with your fellow sailors and learn to readjust your own compass.Sailing can change people, because you are dependent on the wind and weather, cannot influence many things and are therefore completely torn away from normal everyday life, without cell phone reception and the daily excitement of our world. Watching our huge, beautiful yachts plow through the waves at up to 12 knots day and night, looking at the glittering waves during the day and thinking to yourself under an infinite starry sky at night...

In contrast to the - nautically relatively easy - "barefoot" route from Cape Verde or the Canary Islands to the Caribbean, the west-east route from Antigua to the Azores and on to Gibraltar is nautically more challenging. The captain has to play with the pressure systems moving across the Atlantic and then latch onto the right spot. Today's very good wind and weather forecasts are very helpful here and minimize the risk of a storm, but cannot completely rule it out. But anyone who has a little sailing experience and is not certain of getting seasick is definitely worth taking time out like this.

Ferry trips:

But there are also exciting transfer trips in the Mediterranean and from Gibraltar to the Cape Verde Islands or the Canary Islands (small Atlantic crossings) that make it possible to experience deep-sea or blue-water sailing. However, the winds here are not always as predictable as on the Atlantic and as we also have to arrive sometimes, we also have to motor...