Authentic, individual and relaxed -
Sailing trips on our classic, mega yachts
Your sailing holiday in style

Our "idea" combines the world of sailing with the comfort and service of a cruise.

To experience how such a large, classic-style sailing yacht breaks through the waves with elemental force is an incomparable, elemental feeling. Driven by the wind from island to island and 'jumping' from bay to bay, is much 'more than sailing' ...
It is an authentic, unforgettable and a relaxing holiday, from the very beginning.

Dine on deck in the evenings while the ship drifts around a bit on the anchor, jump into the water in the morning before breakfast, watch the play of sunlight on the waves at noon sailing from the warm teak planks - that's what life on board is all about...

Sailing yacht trips aboard the RHEA (54 m), the CHRONOS (54 m) or the KAIRÓS (38 m) combine true sailing without the compulsion of a firmly pre-planned route along the most beautiful islands and coasts of the Caribbean (in winter) and the Mediterranean (in summer) with good food, generous comfort and the service of an attentive, professional crew.

Whether a relaxing sailing cruise, a themed cruise with extra tour guide (e.g., to walk in the footsteps of history or watching marine mammals) or sailing along on an Atlantic crossing to experience the infinity of an ocean for two to three weeks - with us, everyone will find their own dream sailing vacation.

Our guests of all ages are often sailors who do not want to miss a certain comfort and service on a sailing trip, but also many nature and marine lovers without any sailing experience. 

As a cabin charter, most of our sailing cruises are bookable individually, for couples, individual travellers and also children and adolescents, similar to a cruise.

The whole sailing ship can also be booked as a full charter by a group of friends, a service club, large families or companies for events and incentives.


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