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Dear friends of sailing,

yes, these are really difficult times we have to face this year and probably into next year as well. The again strongly increasing infection numbers prevent us from continuing to operate, so that we unfortunately had to stop our travels since the end of October until further notice.   

We have really tried everything to drive as much as possible. We were the first to start travelling in the Mediterranean again from the end of June. But constantly changing regulations and conditions, sudden cancellations of flights and much more have made travelling very difficult, even if this has hardly affected our guests on board - on an island, so to speak.

If, due to a vaccine, rapid tests or other beneficial circumstances, it is still possible to travel to the Caribbean, we will try to carry out these trips at least with a ship. But - as things stand today - we will probably not be able to sail in the Mediterranean again until spring. 

We have therefore, our plan B, adjusted the sailing schedules of CHRONOS and RHEA so that we can start again in the Mediterranean with all three ships as soon as possible in spring. The current 2021 sailing schedules can be found here.

By the end of December at the latest we will have to decide whether the Caribbean season with one ship is still possible after all.

But the current crisis has also shown us how strong our concept with authentic sailing and the special Sailing Classics mixture of sailing, swimming, water sports and excursions in small groups on board really is. We are all therefore sure that this 'addiction factor' will continue to be effective in the future...

Until the new start, we want to tell you stories of and about sailing classics in our newsletters, arouse anticipation for future trips and give you a confident look into the new year. 

See you soon on board of KAIRÓS, CHRONOS or RHEA!


Sailing-Classics zeilreis: aanbieding

News: Corona virus

We houden de ontwikkeling van het coronavirus nauwlettend in de gaten. Wordt er een negatief reisadvies afgegeven op de bestemming van uw geplande zeilreis dan zullen wij zo spoedig mogelijk contact met u opnemen. Bedankt voor uw begrip.